Fwd: SOV Service Update

Originally we had set for a trial run of the in-person services through the end of August. We now recognize that we have some who prefer, or can only attend in-person. We are seeking to be as inclusive as possible, so we are extending the outdoor, in-person services until further notice.

The weather has been cooperating thus far, but we know it can’t hold up forever. As a reminder, when the time comes that weather doesn’t permit, an email will be sent the day prior notifying that service will be held exclusively on Zoom.
All of our health protocols remain the same as previously announced, except that we have added self-service communion. The attendance has been limited to 25 congregants, but there has still been plenty of open seats each service. If you are interested in attending an in-person service, please contact myself or Tammy McDonald so that we can add you to the list for contact tracing reasons. Otherwise, you can login through your Realm account to register yourself, family and guests.
We know that many of you continue to worship with us on Zoom, and that many of you are satisfied with the safety and convenience that Zoom format offers. Please continue to worship with us in whatever way you feel most comfortable.
I also want to highlight that if you miss a service, we do have Zoom recordings available on our Youtube channel – consider subscribing 😁

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