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Greetings to our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As many of you know, we have taken the drastic action to suspend Sunday and Wednesday services, as well as all other church activities. This hard decision was done with the recommendation of the Synod and State officials. We hope to resume our regular activities after April 12th; but, honestly, we just don’t know when this virus will pass.

While suspending services, Pastor Al and your church council have sought to bring what we can digitally in hopes of keeping our church family connected in these times of social isolation. Even while we all are away from church, the costs of maintaining Shepherd of the Valley still remain. Most of our operating expenses are fixed and still need to be paid even when we don’t have services and activities.

Asking for money is never easy at the best of times. In times of economic stress, it gets even harder to do. We are asking you to prayerfully consider what you, under these difficult circumstances, can give to support the mission of SoV. If you can give, we appreciate it. If you cannot, we certainly understand.

Pastor Al is in the office nearly every day as normal. If you wish to mail your offering, he will be able to receive it. We also have an online giving system set up. Instructions can be found under “Online Giving” on our website’s “Support Us” tab. The web link for the system is: In addition to the regular offering, we have also added an option to give to Families in Need, which supports our greater SoV family that are experiencing significant financial difficulties at the discretion of our Social Concerns committee.

Thank you for your prayers and support in these uncertain times.

Your servants in Christ,

The SOV Executive Committee

Chris Kragh-Buetow, Dave Rasmussen, Jacob Tabor, John Pedapalli, Peggy Vermaas

Jacob Tabor

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