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“Today I Baled Some Hay to Feed the Sheep the Coyotes Eat”

This is the catchy title of a book a ranching neighbor named Bill wrote and illustrated about his experience as one who strove to be a good shepherd. He spoke of the beauty of birth in his flock and shared his laughter watching the littlest of lambs bounce around learning how to control their long legs. He acknowledged with respect the “clean-up” function of predatory animals while grieving the havoc left behind when they attacked his sheep randomly. He lamented the fact that veterinary costs for saving a sick or dying sheep often outweighed the financial worth of the animal, possibly by several times. His love for his flock and his vocation are obvious in his drawing and writing; his commitment evidenced by his stewardship of those whom he shepherded. His appreciation for the beauty of creation, even amid the ugliness that too often might break through, moves me each time I read his little book.

Our Gospel reading for Sunday is of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. As we move through this week I invite you to think about a God who loves all of creation even in the harshest of times—in the face of death, destruction and hatred; in spite of the name-calling and separation which is so easily fueled; in the innumerable times each day God’s presence is denied, diminished or negated. I invite you to think about a God who knows you not only at your best, but at your worst as well, and continues to be the force of love that keeps you moving forward.

The 4-year-old pre-school class at KOK is working on the concept of “kindness” this month. Chapel this week was a joy as they identified for me all the things that make them feel happy, good and proud, and how they might be able to use the things that make themselves feel worth as ways to be kind to others. Not a bad lesson, I think, for any of us.

Bill Stockton’s book title acknowledges the frustration of trying to be a good steward of all that God places before him. I have no idea how God experiences futility or how the Divine might “deal” with the negation of God’s love. When I look to my favorite shepherd, though, sometimes I glimpse a path which does not deny the harsh, but doesn’t let it have the final word at the end of the day.

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Wednesday 7:00 am  Coffee Group at Bethany Starbucks

Friday          5:00 pm Women's Bible Study

Saturday     9:30 am Choir rehearsal

Sunday        8:30 & 11:00 am worship services
                     1:30 pm OEC

Come join friends on a hike—
thru Washington Park and Council Crest area
Saturday, May 18.

The hike, known as the 4T trail, is moderate in difficulty with varying elevation.  It starts at Washington Park Zoo (but we will start at the Sunset MAX station).  Hikers travel to the south of Hwy 26 on the "T"rail then take the OHSU "T"ram to the waterfront.  They then catch the "T"rolley to the Max.  From there we take the MAX "T"rain back to our cars.

Due to a busy parking lot in May, we will actually meet at the Sunset MAX   station at 10:00.  Taking the MAX to the Zoo exit.  Please buy an "All Day Pass" which will be valid for the trolley and return trip on MAX. You must RSVP to Kristi so that we can hike together and not miss anyone.  Friends are welcome to join.  Hope to see you there.

Walk in the Park at SOV
May 25th, 12:00 – 1:30 p

Please note
Upcoming Sundays with One worship Service

May 26th  at 10:00 am
June 2nd at 10:00 am, Followed by Annual Meeting
June 9th at 10:00 am, Pentecost Sunday/Confirmation Sunday

Mark your calendars
June 8th

Transport 5 in concert at SOV
5:30 pm Spaghetti Dinner
7:00 pm Concert

May newsletter is available online

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