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Wednesday Message

We are a storied people.  We dwell in stories.  We tell our children stories so they grow up right, knowing who they are and how to live.  We have family stories, stories from the town where we grew up, stories…


All Church Luncheon

All church luncheon AND 80's and over birthday celebration

Thursday,  May 28th
12:00 pm

spaghetti, french bread and salad as well as birthday cake or mini cupcakes for dessert will be served.

All are welcome and please feel free to…


Pastor’s Wednesday Message

Confirmation!  It’s happening this Sunday for Julia Kotvis and Avery Marlia.  This is a big day, the culmination of much good faith and hard work by these two young women.  I’ve worked with both of them in Confirmation Class.  Pastor…


Wednesday Message

I’m back from a week of vacation.  I thank God for the time off.  What did I do?  Mostly, I stayed at home, rested and played.  Portland is lovely in the spring.  It was nice to kick back and enjoy…


SOV Photo Directory reminder

On Sunday May 10th we will be taking fix-up catch-up photos for the church photo directory.  We will be taking pictures between first and second service, and after second service.
If you missed having your family picture taken for the…


Wedding Shower Reminder

You are Invited 

Wedding Shower at SOV
Allen Sugyiama (Cal and Karen Sugiyama's son) and Kim Ulrich
Saturday, May 2nd
5:30 pm
Potluck supper bring a dish to share

(gifts optional; they are registered at Crate and Barrel, Macy's, Target…