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To SOV family – a friendly reminder that there will be an old-fashioned potluck right after the second service this coming Sunday, November 9th.

Food! Fellowship! Sharing Information!

We are gathering after 11 AM church, on November 9, for an old-fashioned Lutheran potluck lunch.   (Red jello is optional)

After we share some fellowship time and our meal we will have the opportunity to ask questions about different areas of our congregations direction.

More information will be available on what we can expect for pay package options as the call committee prepares to receive names of prospective pastoral candidates.  We will have the opportunity to review our financial requests for the planning of our new general budget and work to help the congregation understand what goes into creating the proposed budget for the coming year.

Leadership will be available to receive and give information in areas of the building committee, ideas for paying off the mortgage, status of the capital campaign, KOK and any other areas of our church that our membership is interested in discussing.

We want to respond to our member's interest, ideas and questions as we work to build more unified community. Our goal is to share information with each other, become better informed and involved so that as a congregation can strengthen our foundation in Christ for all areas of ministry at Shepherd of the Valley.

If we are unable to answer a question, then we will research it and get back with a response.

This is a time for everyone to be better informed and part of how we can better serve each other and the ministries of our church. 

Members with last names A-L can bring a main dish and M-Z can bring a salad.  Ice cream and beverages will be provided. 

Child care will be available during our sharing time after we have lunch.

Please contact the Executive committee for further information.

(Diane Lewis, Peggy Vermaas, Lee Bonacker, Valsala George and Ken Harris)

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