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Dear Friends in Christ,

During November our worship is filled with images of the communion of saints, judgment, and the Second Coming of Christ.  The prophet Amos says the day of the Lord will be one of gloom and darkness, and he calls for justice to roll down like waters (Amos 5:18-24).   Promoting justice is one of the ways you and I can help prepare the way of the Lord.  In our gospel lesson, Jesus tells the parable of the wise and foolish bridesmaids in order to illustrate the urgency of living in readiness for the Lord's coming at all times (Matthew 25:1-13).

Prayer of the Day

O God of justice and love, you illumine our way through life with the words of your Son.  Give us the light we need and awaken us to the needs of others, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  Amen


THANK YOU to all who helped provide the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here at SOV last night!  I heard that the crew set up 156 chairs, and there weren't very many empty ones!  There weren't any empty tummies or hearts, either.

This coming Sunday, November 9th, there will be another opportunity to gather together as a church family.  We will share a potluck meal, and members of the congregation's leadership will share information about what's going on with the ministries of SOV.  Food for body, mind, and soul—don't miss out! 

In our prayers:

·Prayers for safety and wisdom for all who serve in the military;

·Prayers for strength and guidance for all who are caring for loved ones;

·Prayers for strength and guidance for all who are unemployed.

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