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Special thanks to the many members of our congregation and their volunteering of hours and weeknights to make Shepherd of the Valley possible.


Aaron Zahrowski, Carla Reger, Corrine Gilbertson, Ginny Adamo,
Peggy Vermaas, Jameson Tabor

Amber Kotvis, Deanne Ashenfelter, Divine Hezumuryango, Diane Lewis,
Ginny Adamo, Lynn Gates, Peggy Vermaas, Rachael Snow,
Sharon Graalum, Vesper Seehafer

Dick Kuykendall (term expires 2017), Sue Muza (term expires 2017),
Jim Allgaier (term expires 2016), Linnea Harmon (term expires 2015),
Sharon Graluum (term expires 2015)

three vacant positions (constitution requires three members elected for a term of two years)

Parish Education (web)
Carla Reger, Kevin Huggins, Kristi Ray, Matt Kotvis, Rachael Snow,
Stacie Sandow

Property Management
Arden Tarum, Dick Kuykendall, Staff Breed, Jeff Wagemann

Social Concerns (web)
Ramsey-Barnes Family, Carla Reger, Christina Maguluri, Christine Edgar


Christine Edgar, Corrine Gilbertson, Jameson Tabor,
Judith Hedberg-Duff (sewing/special projects), Sandra Carasco, Sue Muza

Appointed Committees and Boards

two positions vacant

Kids of the Kingdom Board of Directors (web)
Christine Edgar, Debbie Johnson, Linda Rasmussen, Lisa Ramsey-Barnes, Wendy Roeder

Other Committees

Altar Guild
Christine Edgar, Debbie Zahrowski, Erin Tarum, Ann Saalfeld, Linnea Harmon

Building Committee (web)
Bob McFall, Cal Sugyiama, Carol Husk, Dave Rasmussen, George Kurian, Linnea Harmon (chair), Reynold Roeder

Youth Leaders
Caitlin Garcia, Stacey Roeder

Parish Nurse
Karen Sugiyama

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Brenda Plinke, Carol Husk, Choice Schutt, Denni Kjos, Enith Gilbertson,
Erin Tarum, Ginny Adamo, Julie Zetterberg, Kathy Tabor, Linnea Harmon,
Rachael Snow, Sharon Graalum, Susan Vignolo

Health Team (web)
Ada Burris, Caryl Husk, Corrine Gilbertson, Craig Zetterberg, Eric Lewis,
Karen Sugiyama

Offering Counters
Jim Allgaier, Lorna Hodgin, Christine Edgar, Betty Stoltenburg

Ladies Dinner
Tammy McDonald, Deanne Ashenfelter

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